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Cloud-based robot control

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Cloud-based robot control

Saving costs in the network

What makes the cell special is the fact that all of its components are designed as cyber-physical systems (CPS). The conveyor belt, camera, and robot are each handled by one service that is  recorded in the» Yellow Pages for Industrie 4.0 « and readily available from anywhere in the world. In addition, there are purely virtual services, such as object recognition features used to identify grip points.

Such flexible service integration makes use of all advantages of cloud solutions: They are more economic because they require far less high-performance, high-cost hardware on site. Complex calculations are outsourced into the cloud, which is more responsive, as it has virtually unlimited computational power, which can be added at the moment of need. It is more secure, because confidential data remains with its legitimate owner. And it makes maintenance easier, because all services are centralized.

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