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  • Intelligent manufacture in the Jiangsu Bryophyllum Pinnatum

    Reporter in the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area booth found, attracts much attention the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute officially will unveil in the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area presents. As Jiangsu Province only state-level newly developed area, the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area this time invited many Chinese and foreign intelligence manufacture domain top enterprise to attend the exhibition, altogether has set four big booths, demonstrated German Fulaoenhuofu separately the Association, China Aviation industry Group General utility aviation Company, the Chinese Commercial aircraft Company as well as the Sino-German intelligence manufacture alliance. Reporter found that the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute is leads by the Nanjing north of the Changjiang River newly developed area, Nanjing Yangzi national capital group, provinces and cities industry investment fund and industrial capital union tenable applied research organization. This research institute and German industry 4.0 core applied research organization Fraunhofer IPK (Fulaoenhuofu production equipment and structure Technical research institute) signs the first period 5 year cooperative agreement, introduces it in the German industry 4.0 domain applied research systems and the expert team, matches by the Chinese intelligence manufacture related applied research expert team, makes the state-level intelligence manufacture innovation platform with joint forces. Future, the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute will establish five big cores in the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area: Intelligent manufacture Research center, intelligent manufacture application core, intelligent manufacture training center, intelligent manufacture demonstration center, intelligent manufacture innovation hatching core.

  • The world intelligence manufacture conference rather is beginning, each kind “the brain hole opens the science and technology to be impressive greatly”

    The robot tour guide, VR experiences the outer space war, sweeps the two-dimensional code to have custom-made clothes, “the evil spirit abstention” the swipe card telephone conversation, the robot paints a portrait ......From December 6 to 8th at the world intelligence manufacture conference which the Nanjing international reading extensively core conducts, each kind “the brain hole opens greatly” the design and the interaction, let the human forget to return. This conference take “lets the manufacture be intelligent” as a subject, released that the world intelligence manufacture frontier technology and the newest product, demonstrates the Chinese intelligence manufacture development achievement.

  • The German industry 4.0 concepts proposed that organization Manager IPK, academician Uhlmann - - “the intelligent manufacture” is not equal to “the robot”

    The highlight world intelligence manufacture conference rather attends the world intelligence manufacture conference, some heavyweight honored guest - - Fulaoenhuofu association production equipment and design technique research institute (IPK) Manager Egyptian Carter·Uhlmann (Eckart Uhlmann). Mentions the Fulaoenhuofu association, in industry in famous, it took the lead to put forward the German industry 4.0 concepts. Egyptian Carter·Uhlmann yesterday accepted newspaper reporter when the interview indicated that the industry 4.0 could not simple and “the robot”, “the Unmanned factory” the picture equal sign, the computer and person's perfect cooperation be the ultimate objective.

  • Wu Zhenglong met with German Fulaoenhuofu Association IPK Manager Uhlmann

    On December 5, provincial party committee assistant deputy secretaries, municipal party committee Secretary Wu Zhenglong met rather participated in the world intelligence manufacture conference's German Fulaoenhuofu Applied research Association production equipment and the design technique research institute (IPK) Manager Professor Uhlmann, Professor Kohl and the party. The city leads Luo Qun, Yang Xuepeng participates in the meeting. Wu Zhenglong and the party of arrivals extends welcome to Professor Uhlmann. He said that current, the global manufacturing industry development pattern has the tremendous change, the manufacturing industry innovation has become the focal point which the new round technological revolution and the industry transform. Germany “the industry 4.0” the strategy has aimed at the manufacturing industry development direction most front; We “makes 2025 toward China” the goal are also making great strides forward, gather the strength innovation, advances the information technology and the technique of manufacture depth fusion, speeds up the industrial reforming upgrade. The Fulaoenhuofu association and the production equipment and the design technique research institute is the German industry 4.0 standard decision makers and the pusher, the strength abundant, the technological advance, the Nanjing science and technology education human resources rich, the industrial foundation is solid, both sides already had the good beginning in the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area's cooperation. The hope further deepens the exchange cooperation, speeds up the intelligent manufacture the step, promotes the cooperation to make the substantial progress.

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