SGIMRI As Special Contributor To EU ENRICH Workshops In Shanghai And Wuxi

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ENRICH is a European project to support the cooperation of international research organizations with European ones, coordinated by Mrs Medina from Lisbon. Fraunhofer IPK is a partner in this project that is divided in three sub activities and coordination offices devoted to China, to Brazil and to the USA. Burkhard Schallock represented the Sino-German collaboration by two speeches during one day conferences on “industry 4.0 versus made in china 2025” in Shanghai (7th May 2018)  and Wuxi (9th May 2018) as a special guest.

Next to the conferences, there were also visits at business parks, research institutes and high tech companies (e.g. casting and forging of turbine blades) and B2B meeting with an alloy rim company from Wuxi. In all the events, 40 to 100 entrepreneurs from China were present and talked to the 17 specialists from Europe who offered to the Chinese partners to engage in transcontinental EU Horizon 2020 projects or in direct industrial cooperation.  

The ENRICH tour to China continued to Chengdu partly with changed experts from Europe due to changed focus of the next workshops about water treatment and energy.

Every month there are more ENRICH workshops in Europe, China, Brazil and USA.  

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