"Hunan Daily" the intelligent manufacture not equates certainly in “the computer substitution of players”

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   The world intelligence manufacture conference convened on the other day in Nanjing, German Fulaoenhuofu Association trustee Holger·Dr. Kohl is on the rise “the computer substitution of players” to China the upsurge originating the reminder. He said that the manufacturing industry upgrades does not equate in “the computer substitution of players”; The human has the highest intelligence, at any time should not neglect.

Indeed, in the current entity economy specially is the manufacturing industry manpower cost slight increase, “the employing labor uncultivated land” meets the beginning of the year inevitably, the enterprise is in situations and so on under reforming difficult time, many tradition Manufacturing firm regards “the computer substitution of players” “the Unmanned factory” is a most precious object, some provinces and cities also regarding this gave aspects and so on policy, fund, technology have supported vigorously, hoped that could press by this to push the traditional manufacturing industry the update process.

   But in fact, “the computer substitution of players” “the Unmanned factory” is away from the intelligent manufacture in the true sense to be also far from. Since Germany since proposed that the industry 4.0 concepts, the whole world has started the new round Industrial Revolution, the world each main manufacturing industry country proposed our country version's industry 4.0 plans in abundance. These plans, industrial automation setup for intelligent manufacture foundation process, but the true intelligent manufacture must be can satisfy the personalization to have custom-made the demand, to provide the whole solution for the enterprise the manufacture.

   Thus it can be seen, our country current carries out vigorously the automated production, is to implement the industry 4.0 upholstery cornerstones. But in this process, many people makes wrongly the development intelligence and enhances person's operative technique to oppose. Actually in the person and in computer's relations, is not the computer resolves person's remove or retain, but is person's technical quality resolution intelligence manufacture horizontal height.

   In the production process the worker are whether less meant the cost is lower, the benefit is higher? The answer is “and not completely”. In the industry 4.0 linguistic environments, the worker who is replaced by the computer, is only simple, the strongback, can up and down connect the high quality technical worker's demand to these in the intelligent manufacture which, assume sole responsibility for an important task largely to add.

   Therefore, the enterprise when the development intellectualization produces, cannot wrong take the computer as the core substitution take the human as the core. On path intelligence manufacture upgrade road, only then cultivates vigorously conforms to the high level new technical worker who the intelligent manufacture needs, promotes the man-machine cooperation the degree, enterprise's production operation efficiency only then to be able unceasingly to be getting higher and higher. (well water bright)

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