"New China Network" Uhlmann: The industry 4.0 must be humanist

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   New China network Nanjing, December 7 - (Wang Tianyi) on 7th the morning, the world intelligence manufacture cooperation development forum convenes in Nanjing. German Fulaoenhuofu Association production equipment and structure Technical research institute (IPK) Manager Egyptian Carter·Uhlmann (Eckart Uhlmann) attends the forum and gives a speech. Uhlmann indicated that the industry 4.0 is not completely an automated brand-new tide, is a humanist strategy, under digitized assistance system, low end digit worker, may also complete a more complex work.

   Uhlmann said that the industry 4.0 is not termination. It not solely was a message communication technology question, the challenge which the manufacturing industry faced was still quality, time, cost and sustainable the optimized question. Therefore, we cannot neglect the engine bed, the craft, the tool, the material and the product innovation development, will be future urgently needed is fast, accurate, the flexibility, strong, the virtual humanist production.

   Take China and Germany as the example, Uhlmann represented that both countries are very similar in very many aspects, even is nearly same, the difference lies in both countries in the different initial frame and under the different industrial development phase regarding the characteristic technology use. In Germany, the Small and medium-sized enterprise is occupying the industry 3.0 intermediate stages to transform to the industry 4.0 phases, but in China, one batch of Small and medium-sized enterprises is experiencing industry 2.0 to 3.0 transformations. China hoped that studies other people very quickly long, and integrates it to own long-term development project during, may obtain from these small and medium-sized enterprises. The short-term may cultivate into them OEM the strategic supplier, the long-term strategy may focus the high-end technology enterprise to further raise the digital integration enterprise.

   Uhlmann indicated that China and Germany's first strategy is unified, can therefore pursue the future hand in hand together the win-win development. The industry 4.0 makes 2025 plans with China, if wants to obtain successfully, we must carry on four big key fields the interconnection intercommunication: First is produces the technology, the mechanical engineering and the automation, second is the control, the physical distribution and the job design, the third piece is the electric appliance, the electron and the micro systems engineering, finally is the message communication technology, these will boost the digital technique development.

   The speech is final, Uhlmann announced the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute official is founded. This is China makes 2025 plans with German industry 4.0 strategy cooperation specific manifestation.

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