"People's Network" the world intelligence manufacture conference will release that the intelligence makes & dm 4 dqpt & 45 &dm4dqpt& plans

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   The world intelligence manufacture conference which by the labor letter department, the Jiangsu provincial government sponsor together will be held December 6-8 in Nanjing. The conference take “lets the manufacture be intelligent” as a subject, including 1 peak forum, 8 special forums, 1 world intelligence manufacture exposition and 8 special activities, is the domestic this domain conducts the so high specification for the first time the conference. Convention date, the labor letter department will release the country "Intelligent Manufacture “45” Development project".

   This conference highlight world intelligence manufacture development direction, the analysis intelligence manufacture trend of development, carries on the deliberation in view of the manufacturing industry each practical application domain. At the peak forum, state-level think tank people in charge and so on will China and US, Germany, Switzerland exchange various countries' intelligence manufacture strategy, the road map and the cooperation development predict that the world 500 strong command troops the enterprise people in charge to share the intelligent manufacture innovation and the experience, how the global politics produce study grind the domain important honored guest together to discuss promote the manufacturing industry intellectualization development hand in hand. The topic is divided in the forum, the expert from all walks of life from the solution, the frontier technology, the business model, the profession will apply, the information security, the industrial colony, the standardization, the industrial transformation and so on 8 aspects, the topic deliberated that the current international intelligence makes the key direction which the most important domain and pays attention together.

   It is reported that comes from the global 10 countries or the zone 285 enterprise participations, in which world 500 strong and the global intelligence manufacture commands troops enterprise 38, conference and display total area near 100,000 square meters. The participation enterprise also includes the world famous organization, the global top robot manufacturer, intelligent manufacture key Yang Qi, in the National Intelligence Manufacture Demonstration Enterprise, Jiangsu Province the well-known intelligence Manufacturing firm, has covered the intelligent manufacture domain important well-known manufacturer and the development facility, will bring the artificial intelligence, the advanced manufacture, the robot, the intellectualization solution and so on various domains world most advanced technology, the centralism demonstrates the current intelligent workshop, intellectualization aspect and so on solution, intellectualized profession application as well as intelligent manufacture innovation explorations and the practice. Display very many products and the plan are national unfold, in which Germany Fulaoenhuofu Association, Phoenix, Tristar and so on even are global unfold, this display population level will achieve the domestic existing exhibition's maximum level.

   Jiangsu provincial government Assistant Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhizhong said at today release conference that holds the world intelligence manufacture conference is Jiangsu develops needs, holds the world intelligence manufacture conference in Nanjing, will invite the world intelligence manufacture domain the expert, the entrepreneur to experience the future together honestly, will be for the purpose of deepening the intelligent manufacture domain international cooperation, the technological exchange and industrial docking, the build international top level intelligence manufacture cooperation exchanges the platform, will study the global intelligence manufacture development newest tendency, the discussion future the intelligent manufacture trend of development, will advance the global intelligence manufacture innovation development.

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