"Technical Daily paper" the intelligent manufacture, does the Chinese Enterprise this “what take to German skilled worker to pass through”?

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   (newspaper Reporter Zhang Ye) recently, at the first session world intelligence manufacture conference which convened in the Jiangsu Nanjing, a fusion “Sino-German DNA” the application research and development organization - - China and Germany Intelligence Manufacture Research institute became the attention from all walks of life the focal point, they not only took along Germany “skilled worker” to bring the intelligent manufacture the kernel idea, but also the auspicious group has signed the intelligent manufacture cooperative agreement with south our country power equipment domain's top company international telegram.

   In the intelligent manufacture domain, actually should the Chinese Enterprise “skilled worker” take what to Germany to pass through?

   A small and medium-sized enterprise how round of strength “does the wisdom make”

   The current China's intelligent manufacture industry is weak faced with the technological innovation ability, the industrial scale is small, the enterprise small, disperses, weakly and so on questions. The experts believed that the German industry 4.0 even more takes the production line intellectualization, face more Small and medium-sized enterprises, divides the raid in steps to make the intellectualized upgrade transformation, this path is more suitable current our country industry 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 coexisting the present situations.

   Was established in 1949 Fulaoenhuofu the association is Europe biggest industrial application development facility, is Germany advanced “the industry 4.0” important development facility, was also China is the implementation “China makes one of 5 German specialized organizations which 2025” invited. The Fulaoenhuofu production equipment and design technique research institute Manager Professor Uhlmann indicated that “future in the Chinese Nanjing, we also will place the focal point on the small and medium-sized enterprise body, will help the small and medium-sized enterprise, a generation of factory to consummate the supply chain system.”in June, 2016, under the Sino-German premier's testimony, the German Fulaoenhuofu Association and the Nanjing sign protocol, sets up the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute together in the Nanjing north of the Changjiang River country newly developed area.

   According to the sign first period 5 year cooperative agreement, through the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute, will introduce Fulaoenhuofu the association in the German industry 4.0 domain applied research systems and the expert team, matches by the Chinese intelligence manufacture related applied research expert team, China and Germany will make the correlation technique in the intelligence to carry on the conformity and the research and development, provides the personalization for the Chinese manufacturing industry to the intelligent manufacture upgrade to have custom-made the research and the implementation plan, enhances the Chinese manufacturing industry the core competitiveness.

   “the intelligent manufacture” is not equal to “nobody manufacture”

   Mentioned that industry 4.0 and the intelligent manufacture, in most people mind will reappear is possibly highly the intellectualized factory and the busy robot, the traditional handwork or the semiautomatic manufacturing industry will upgrade as highly the automated intelligent factory, will implement “the Unmanned factory” ultimate objective. Actually, this idea fell into an erroneous zone exactly.

   Germany proposes “the industry 4.0” itself to encompass three dimensions: The intelligent factory, the intelligent product and the intelligent service, lacks one not to be integrated. Looked like Professor Uhlmann saying that the German industry 4.0 was not said did not need the worker, but was must achieve human and computer's perfect harmonious cooperation. Therefore the industry 4.0 cannot simple and “the robot” “the Unmanned factory” the picture equal sign.

   At this conference, the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute has signed the tripartite strategic cooperation frame protocol with the south auspicious group and the Fulaoenhuofu association. According to Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute project German side person in charge Professor Holger Kohl disclosed that future the Sino-German Manufacture Research institute will unite the Fulaoenhuofu production equipment and the design technique research institute, two side vanguard technology transfer for the south auspicious group, investment industrial application. South auspicious group General Manager the Xi national wealth indicated that south the auspicious group will grasp the opportunity, speeds up the enhancement manufacturing level, the promotion intelligence manufacture competitive power, simultaneously further speeds up the development intelligence manufacture industry, the advanced intelligence technique of manufacture, the product, the service and the whole solution will apply other professions.

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