"the Jiangsu Business" do the Chinese and foreign big ka gather Nanjing to tell you the manufacturing industry “spring in where”

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   (newspaper Reporter Zhang Tiantian Lu Chun the flower) just concluded the Nanjing 14th party convention proposed “completes, six remarkableness” the goal, among, “the industrial structure obviously optimizes” is arranged at “six remarkableness” the first place. Is seizing “the blast tuyere” the critical moment, the Nanjing manufacturing industry needs to know how to greet one “the wisdom to make” the time and to complete this field “the evolution”. At December 7 world intelligence manufacture cooperation development peak forum, the gathering big ka included came from places the chase “the industry 4.0” Germany, the innovation “the highest quality people have lived” Sweden, as well as the hope energy “studied other people very quickly long, and integrated it to own long-term development project during” China's experts. In these big ka looks like, “the industry 4.0” and “China 2025” has many compatibilities, moreover both cannot by the understanding be “to person's substitution”, they attempt for the Chinese intelligence manufacture to find the method.

   “we worry, policy-maker often by tradition linear, but the non-destructive thought that too crosses the direct attention but cannot carry on the strategic ponder directly.”Just like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers learn (ASME) Director Keith·Luo said that not only the whole world remoulds meant in technology song, also meant we need to revolutionize in the thought.

   The intelligent manufacture is not “the substitution” the human, but uses the good person

   “the manufacture intellectualization will be more or less from the centralism moves toward the differentiation, this also requires to the social technology system to carry on the brand-new design, integrates fully the human to this brand-new network production.”Comes from the German Fulaoenhuofu Association production equipment and the structure Technical research institute (IPK) Manager Uhlmann thought “the industry 4.0” is “humanist” strategy, because the future will need is fast, accurate, the flexibility, strong, virtual, the humanist production. In explores “may be suitable the Internet time the control model” the Haier Group to walk is “person Shan He a model”, board of directors president, chief executive officer Zhang Ruimin thought that “the computer substitution of players” is the intelligent manufacture essential condition, but is not the sufficient condition, he hoped that energy “enables the staff to become the pioneer, but is not the performer”, in “own work achieves the acme, performs its own functions, each tenth leadership” “a group of people without a leader” under to obtain “the world governs also” the result.

“must raise the next generation the manufacturing industry words, trains such manufacturing industry talented person well on the need, therefore this is about an opportunity key word.”DELL group vice-president Charla Ser-bent will pay attention to the future to make the talented person very. In round table dialog, she “opportunity” achievement “intelligent manufacture” broad time, but “the talented person” is also brought the achievement “the opportunity” key word.

China “the wisdom makes” the path to be “the original”, but cooperates essentially

In Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, Tsinghua University assistant director the politics looks like especially, the future Chinese intelligence manufacture will not be “the German industry 4.0 reprints, or “US's industry Internet's reprint”, China must go out an own road.

“China knows how things stand the quantity huge small and medium-sized enterprise, with national situations and so on Europe and America is different, implements the intelligent manufacture reforming upgrade, I anticipated that China can go out an own characteristic pathway.”Uhlmann said that is imbalanced facing each enterprise level development, the industrial structure complex reality, “the step slows down, and so on one and so on lags behind the enterprise” is the question which China industrial development needs to note.

At the forum, many foreign countries big ka Chinese, Jiangsu, the Nanjing market will place the future strategy the key position. “the industry 4.0 makes 2025 plans with China, if wants to succeed, we must carry on the key domain the interconnection intercommunication.”Uhlmann said at the forum that “first produces the technology, mechanical engineering and automation; second, control, physical distribution and job design. Third, the electricity, the electron and the micro systems engineering, finally is the message communication technology, this will boost the digital technique development.”

In this June, the German Fulaoenhuofu Applied research Promotion agency and Nanjing has signed "Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding", builds the Sino-German intelligence manufacture development facility in Nanjing; In August, the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute completes in the Nanjing north of the Changjiang River newly developed area. On December 5, the research institute rather is signing a treaty the first cooperative project, and reaches wholesale the intelligent manufacture upgrade protocol with the south auspicious group. on 7th the afternoon, the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute will also hold the opening ceremony. “the reason that establishes the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute in the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area, is the hope depends upon this independent development facility, with the government cooperation, can provide for the Small and medium-sized enterprise implements the digitized production integration solution.”Uhlmann regards as this cooperation is “China makes 2025” the plan to manifest specifically with German industry 4.0 strategy cooperation, “in the Sino-German Research institute's demonstration center, has the intelligence to make the solution the demonstration, here is also our technical collaboration experiment platform, here training center, will also train one batch of high management, key attention change control, as well as with a worker's interaction study.”

China “the wisdom makes” must pay special attention to “the technology” to use “the strategy”

Looks like especially in the politics, makes on this road in the Chinese intelligence, “core technologies” and “personnel training” especially important.

   “our China makes 2025 to provide our core technologies, the talented person who the Chinese intelligence manufacture's development needs various levels”. You Zheng said that “we place hopes in us to make our contribution above the innovation, also hoped that makes the contribution in the remarkable engineer's raise aspect, with China's innovation, lets the world with China's quality feel.”

China Federation of Machinery Industry Expert board honorary Director Zhu Sen has given the development intelligence manufacture “the strategic path”. “we must take the innovation our driving influence, builds our foundation, implements the high quality manufacture, simultaneously, take the intelligent manufacture as the main attack direction, takes the flank by the green manufacture and the ministrant manufacture, like this we have the possibility in this ten years, steps out from big to strong solid one step.”Facing China enterprise development present situation, he recommended that “occupies 2.0 enterprises to hurry to make up 2.0 inside the matters, occupies 3.0 enterprises, applies the automated technology and the information technology our enterprise's Production organization to control generally on, 4.0, must in part of enterprises, let him eagerly anticipate the manufacturing industry the development, lets all manufacturing industries see that this is a direction.”Zhu Sendi said that “4.0 inside technologies mature, applies to inside 3.0 phase enterprises, 4.0 and 3.0 inside mature technologies, applies to inside 2.0 phase enterprises, like this we have the possibility.”

“to 2020, the global interconnection device will add will achieve 50,000,000,000.”German Electrician Committee (DEK) President Lowland·Bent believed that “this will bring the infinite opportunity to the industrial world.”Intelligent time's oncoming, has remoulded the industrial guidance, the supplies side reform, the demand side reform, brand-new dominates the primitive above commercial ecology as if to change with it related all. The intelligent manufacture is the innovation undertaking high-end “the blast tuyere”, holds the tendency reforming upgrade from inside to outside, perhaps is the enterprise “Ling Xu the imperial wind” correct posture.

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