"the Nanjing Daily" the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute “first Xiu” with China's micro letter, checks the German robot

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   The newspaper news (by Zhang Xi) this June, under the Sino-German premier's testimony, the German Fulaoenhuofu Applied research Promotion agency and Nanjing signs "Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding", builds the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute in Nanjing. In order to greet the world intelligence manufacture conference, the research institute has prepared “first Xiu” for Nanjing: Let the resident have the opportunity to check Germany's robot with China's micro letter. The research institute public figures indicated that this performance “Xiu” left the research institute intelligence manufacturing capacity tip of the iceberg, but the implication is profound, China and Germany more walk hand in hand on the intelligent manufacture's road are farther.

   Yesterday, at the world intelligence manufacture conference exposition's north of the Changjiang River newly developed area booth, the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute has brought two German robot arm, is holding the Chinese national flag, is holding the German national flag. Prompts according to the staff, reporter sweeps the code to pay attention to the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute's micro letter public number, will input in 26 English letters in the public number random, the robot arm will wield the national flag.

   The German Fulaoenhuofu Association device and the design technique research institute (IPK) Assistant Manager Holger Kohl said that these robot arm may not be the casual chaotic dance, they split out are when the navigations the professional utilization's flag indicator, the distant place person may act according to the computer arm's movement, translates meaning which you must represent.

   But in another tectonic plate, demonstrates is a set does not use the mouse keyboard's operating system. The human needs to stand only before the sensor, through waves the hand, lifts the arm and so on simple body movement, then operates the intellectualized modelling system. The staff said that in the staff holds a meeting carries on “the brains storm” the time, if with the traditional mouse, can a person operate only, but this set of intellectualized system, may the multi-people stand before the sensor, through the body movement, the common operating system, the cooperativity, interactive is very strong, lets the technical discussion meet the feature fun.

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