"the Nanjing Daily" the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area four exhibition regions will present the world intelligence manufacture conference China and Germany Intelligence Manufacture Research institute rather to suppose five big cores

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   The newspaper news (by Zhang Lu Reporter Wei Chuanxiong -odd Lisa) may use the micro letter control the robot to wield “the arm” to make the flag indicator, two cooperation's robots demonstrated comprehensively how to implement and the organization flexibility production line, 1:10 proportion C919 air bus and ARJ21 new regional aircraft model ......The world intelligence manufacture conference begins in namely, the Nanjing international reading extensively core 6th hall's north of the Changjiang River newly developed area booth yesterday already the cloth unfolded finished.

   As the Jiangsu only state-level newly developed area, the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area this time invited many Chinese and foreign intelligence manufacture domain top enterprise to attend the exhibition, altogether has set four big booths, demonstrated the German Fulaoenhuofu Association, China Aviation industry Group General utility aviation Company, the Chinese Commercial aircraft Company as well as the Sino-German intelligence manufacture alliance separately.

   It is reported that the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute is leads by the Nanjing north of the Changjiang River newly developed area, Nanjing Yangzi national capital group, provinces and cities industry investment fund and industrial capital union tenable applied research organization. The research institute and German industry 4.0 core applied research organization Fraunhofer IPK (Fulaoenhuofu production equipment and structure Technical research institute) has signed the first period 5 year cooperative agreement. on 5th, the Fulaoenhuofu association, the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute signs the strategic cooperation frame protocol with the south auspicious group, becomes the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture since Research institute, in rather was established, achieves the first cooperative project with the enterprise. Future, the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute will establish five big cores in the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area, respectively is the Research center, the application core, the training center, the demonstration center, the innovation hatching core.

   The intelligent manufacture, the life and health, the new material, the high-end equipment and the modern physical distribution, the technical service is the north of the Changjiang River newly developed area is clear about the development “4+2” the modern industry system. Since the newly developed area has established for more than 1 year, is speeding up gathers the global intelligence to make the Advanced enterprise and the well-known development facility. Except the Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute, also united the American Laolunsibokeli solid danger lab to set up “the Jiangsu Nanjing high new - Laolunsibokeli life sustainable R&D center” at present, prepared for construction Cambridge University China with Britain Cambridge University (Nanjing) the scientific innovation R&D center, has established Europe (Nanjing) the creativity design core and so on. Future, the newly developed area will make the intelligence to make 100,000,000,000 level of industrial colonies.

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