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   (newspaper Reporter Hang Chunyan Shao Shengyu Song Xiaohua Zhao Wei Li) lets the great nation intelligence strategy exchange the collision in here, “in a big way lets the world top ka” bring the newest information with to give free reign to the imagination, lets the Jiangsu enterprise enjoy the intelligence happy in the main house gate port “the gluttony western-style food”, thus emancipates the mind, the learning experience or seeks the cooperation opportunity ......Nanjing is holding the world intelligence manufacture conference, brings is lets the human “the brain hole opens greatly” the global intelligence “send rightly”.

   China makes 2025, German industry 4.0, US “the industry Internet” ......When the intelligent manufacture becomes the world power opening manufacturing industry development new times as if by prior agreement the strategic selection, our country also treats as the intelligent manufacture cultivates the new economic growth power the main attack direction, and, therefore has obtained and the developed country roughly synchronization development new opportunity new space. The province 13th party convention has established “two poly one high” the development orientation, the body for manufacture spare-time university province Jiangsu, how to snatch stresses the intelligent manufacture the strategic opportunity, writes the good innovation development the brand-new chapter?

International “big ka”: Jiangsu opportunity very much

   “the American manufacturing industry domain is advancing a series of advanced projects as well as the revolutionary technology advancement, very many people also call it the fourth Industrial Revolution.”American Society of Mechanical Engineers Academic society Director Keith·Luo indicated in the lecture that since 2000, the American manufacturing industry has dropped rapidly, now the US already realized the challenge which the manufacturing industry decline brings, has worked out the state-level manufacturing industry optimization plan in 2011. Keith·Luo said that we are being in a brand-new Digital Age, the people anticipated are getting higher and higher to the manufacture intelligence, thus needs to make a brand-new ecosystem to release the high grade product and has custom-made the flow. “we will give free reign to the imagination future all components have the sensor, on before operators this production line, these devices itself already knew that today the production task was anything, therefore no longer will rely on artificial plans the production process and the craft”.

   The German Fulaoenhuofu Association production equipment and structure Technical research institute Manager Uhlmann pointed out that the digitized fusion tendency will change the global production pattern, each country has own goal: Germany hoped that seizes the project high ground through the technology and the economical fusion; The US hoped that leads the digital innovation the manufacture to rally the manufacturing industry; Japan and South Korea hoped that has the breach in intelligent factory and in the large-scale manufacture; China hoped possibly studies other people very quickly long, and integrates it to own long-term development project during. He indicated that takes the main attack industry 4.0 Fulaoenhuofu associations, at present is carrying out a series of cooperations with China, located at Jiangsu's Sino-German Intelligence Manufacture Research institute is a big luminescent spot, here will have the intelligence to make the solution the demonstration, is also both sides technical collaboration experiment platform.

   more than 20 years ago, the German Phoenix group has set up the factory in Nanjing. 4.0 accelerates the practice along with the industry in Phoenix, this world 500 strong enterprises to also had the fresh target with Jiangsu's cooperation. The German Phoenix executed Vice-President Roland Bent saying that Jiangsu and Germany developed in the intelligent manufacture aspect very cooperated, must make this kind of cooperation long-term, most importantly formulated the intelligent manufacture unified standards, moreover was the international unified standards. At present, they are introducing the German related technology China, including utilizes the IT technology the design domain, the network security, the wireless communication and so on, the next step hope formulates the related profession intelligent manufacture international standard as soon as possible.

   Sweden Imperial family Project Academy of science Vice-President Bai Ruinan indicated during the interview: “Jiangsu is economical big province, the manufacture spare-time university province, is speeding up the intelligent manufacture diligently the development. In fact, from this conference so splendid present, I believed that Jiangsu from makes big province to transform to the intelligent manufacture has the possibility to succeed.”

The country plans the release, Jiangsu positively to the sign

   The world intelligence manufacture conference begins the same day, the labor letter department releases "the Chinese Intelligence Manufacture Development project in Nanjing (2016-2020 Year)". According to the plan, our country intelligence manufacture will be divided the gait, first step, to 2020, the intelligent manufacture development foundation and support ability strengthens obviously, the traditional manufacturing industry key field implements the digitized manufacture basically, has the condition, has foundation key industrial intelligence reforming to make the distinct progress; Second step, to 2025, the intelligent manufacture support system establishes basically, the key industry implements intelligent reforming initially, and has been clear about ten big tasks/role: Including the essential general character technological innovation, the construction intelligence manufacture standard system, the making intelligence make the talented person team and so on.

   “Jiangsu must positively to the sign!”In this plan, Jiangsu Province intelligence manufacture consultancy expert board member Qian Zhixin is interested very much regarding ten big task/role's actual contents. He said that the data is the intelligent manufacture bottleneck, breached the data bottleneck, can implement by the data driven intelligence manufacture development. In this, the talented person is a key, current, regardless of being the precise and advanced talented person who the high technology and new technology industry needs, the traditional industry needs the assembly line worker, under the intelligent manufacture's development guidance, needs to carry on the knowledge training, therefore needs to speed up is related the talented person the raise. In addition, the development intelligence manufacture also needs to establish the services structure, provides a series of policies, the system mechanism safeguard, releases from unnecessary constraints the market, lets the enterprise have the innovation creation space.

In order to attend this world intelligence manufacture conference, American rethink robotics Asian and Pacific area trustee General Manager the Li hero brought two section of hosts from the US to make the product specially, one section the double arm cooperation robot which was in 2012 releases, one section was the single pen cooperation robot. He cared very to the same day release's plan that “I must study this development project well, also hoped that this plan can fall to the ground well in Jiangsu, perhaps I may find an appropriate urban establishment R&D center, the training center and the post-sale service core in Jiangsu, Jiangsu is makes big province, reforming upgrades the market space which contains to be very big.”

The manufacture butterfly changes “the wisdom makes”, Jiangsu explores the way furiously

   In fact, as manufacture spare-time university province Jiangsu already, in the innovation seeks in reforming to take the lead to send the strength. On November 22, makes “the industry cloud” by the Xu labor group and the Ali cloud company to release together in Shanghai. This aiming industry Internet domain's global range pole - - US GE Corporation makes Predix “the industry cloud” the platform, makes the Xu labor digitization industrial capacity output the opening, the sharing global cloud platform. This kind of research and development model will bring the whole world engineering machinery profession research and development to transform, causes “the world will be the Xu Gong research and development department” turns the reality. Xu labor group Limited company Chairman Wang Min pointed out in the conference lecture that Xu Gong positively will comply with “the Internet +” the trend of development, regarding the technological innovation and the internationalization two grand strategy key point, impels the mechanism and the control flow transformation, the release development potential and the vigor, achieves the global industry “Mount Everest reaches” the goal with all one's strength.

   This convention date, but also held the first session “the Jiangsu wisdom to make” the innovation big game. The participation finals's 15 projects on 7th have held the road show. Accepts the Baud Nanjing science and technology Limited company “the industry robot motion control system” to win an only first prize. Accepted Baud CEO Zhang Xiaolong saying that based on the big data's display, the whole world industry robot sales volume yearly average compound rate of increment was 17%, but China as early as has become the whole world industry robot's biggest market in 2013, the sales volume yearly rate reaches as high as 50%. But is a pity, industry robot's market mostly is monopolized by the overseas brand, the domestically produced robot by the low straightforward angle robot primarily, the market share is extremely low. He said that “the intelligent manufacture and the wisdom factory are the industry and the IT technology fusion product, is also the Chinese robot profession implements the best opportunity which the curve passes another vehicle.”Therefore, accepted the Baud team to manifest IT and the industry fusion fully in the technological innovation, in the man-machine interaction, the sensor, the motion control, the machinery optimization design, the servo actuation and so on networking and the industrial automation area of technology had many independent research and development technologies and the patent. Appraises expert Nanjing University Professor Xie Junyuan to appraise said: This project's overall performance has achieved the international first-class level.

   “the Jiangsu industry foundation is not only good, the production system is complete, moreover processes makes and researches and develops the innovation ability to be situated the national vanguard, in certain segmentation profession, had one batch of enterprises to achieve or the close world advanced level, in the country makes area the powerful nation construction and `a group' in the strategic topology holds the extremely important status. Certainly will be potential achievement in the intellectualized tide.”Chinese Academy of Engineering vice-president the field Red Flag like is the appraisal.

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